New Avalon High

New Avalon High
Writer/ Designer
Published: July 2018
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Based on the Monsterhearts 2 RPG system, New Avalon High is a set of 7 character skins and the New Avalon town setting. New Avalon High is designed for playing a game as modern-day high school-aged incarnations of well-known characters from Arthurian legends, exploring the complicated relationships and power dynamics present in the original legends, in combination with the difficulties of being a teenager.
- Designed and developed the initial concept, playbook mechanics, and story setting to reinforce a well-known story and characters.
- Wrote playbooks and accompanying materials.
- Utilized templates for playbook and setting layout and design.
Challenges and Process
The primary challenge for Avalon High was to create playbooks that felt significantly different from existing Monsterhearts playbooks, while effectively conveying the essence of the characters from Arthurian Legends.
For each character, I started with identifying the central conflict of the playbook. For example, for Lancelot, this was loyalty vs desire, while for Morgana it was a struggle for power and recognition. From there I developed the core moves that would reinforce the established conflict, as well as additional moves that were evocative of the sub-themes of each character.
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