Narrative Designer
Lead narrative development from ideation through production for Magic: The Gathering premier set releases. Collaborate closely with Lead Game Designer and Lead Art Director to
ensure an aligned vision for the player experience. Partner with co-leads and writers to create characters, creatures, factions, environments and other elements to create a complete narrative experience. Provide feedback and guidance on best practices and narrative design
skills to junior writers.
- Magic x Doctor Who (2023)
- Magic x Assassin's Creed (2024) (Lead)
- Return to Tarkir "Ultimate" (TBD) (Lead)
- Return to Arcavios "Yachting" (TBD) (Lead)

Narrative Designer Credits:
- Wilds of Eldraine (2023) 
- Lost Caverns of Ixalan (2023)
- Outlaws of Thunder Junction (2024)
- Bloomburrow (2024)
- Multiple Unannounced
Creative Producer
Develop, implement, and iterate production schedules for Magic card content, including art, creative text, collectability, and graphic design. Collaborate with producers, art directors, game designers, writers, and production artists to keep teams informed of schedule delays and issues and ensure timely and accurate handoffs. Generate and maintain documentation of processes and systems. Identify problems in production pipelines. Propose, develop and implement solutions in coordination with cross-team members.
Production Credits:
- Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (2021)
- Midnight Hunt (2021)
- Crimson Vow (2021)
- Neon Dynasty (2022)
- Streets of New Capenna (2022)
- Dominaria United (2022)
- Brother's War (2022)
- All Will be One (2023)
- March of the Machine (2023)

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