Shadowrun: Corp SINs

Narrative Designer / Game Master
Air Dates: March 2016 – July 2017
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Shadowrun: Corporate SINs tells the story of MMFEC, a group of Shadowrunners: operators who work outside of the law in a futuristic dystopian world where both magic and technology allow corporations almost total control. The game itself is based on the Shadowrun 5th Edition RPG system and setting. Additionally, Hyper RPG subscribers participated in the Corporate Metagame, controlling the actions of ten major Corporations and hiring the players to enact Shadowruns against other Corporations and organizations.
- Adapted the existing Shadowrun setting and cannon for a live-play RPG.
- Generated overarching narrative for TTRPG actual play.
- Guided emergent narrative based on player choices.
- Incorporated choices and outcomes from the audience-driven metagame.
- GM’d 65 episodes of TTRPG actual play.
Challenges and Process
One of the first challenges was utilizing the rules-intensive system of Shadowrun for a narrative-driven emergent story within an actual play. This required some amount of simplification of the rules as well as establishing certain home-brew mechanics. It also required balancing the “on-screen” and “off-screen” work, to keep a lot of the mechanic process behind the scenes and focus on the action during the episodes.
An additional challenge was introduced through the metagame which allowed the audience to directly participate and affect the narrative. This required incorporating everything from entire plots to specific items into the overarching plot. Collaborating with a large number of individuals to craft a compelling and logical story.
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